Bagni Oreste zona 115 Riccione Adriatico - Torriana -
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Number of residents : 983
Height sea : m 337
Distance from Riccione : km 26

The history of the municipality

Torriana is 7 km from Santarcangelo di Romagna. Of origins Villanovian after 1000 came under the dominion of Malatesti from Verucchio. Legend has it that the secret of Castle Torriana (now restored) was killed Gianciotto Malatesta. In 1504, like most of Romagna, Torriana went to Venice a few years after returning to the Church, which in 1519 granted to the Count of Pius Carpi. Agricultural Center, for a long time the slopes of the mountain were eroded by Scorticata and marble quarry. It was the centre of reports for the'300 in the valley, as part of the complicated system of countries where towers stood about suggestions that came up light in Urbino and throughout the Montefeltro. The name was changed from Scorticata in 1938 to Torriana from Benito Mussolini. At the end of the 70s, Torriana inglob˛ Montebello, today his hamlet, from the town of Sogliano al Rubicone. Montebello is known for its castle belonging to the family of accounts Bath where, in early 800's, we celebrated the exploits of bandit Thomas Rinaldini, said "Mason dla Blona" then beheaded, in Ravenna papaline by troops. Among Montebello and Torriana stands Saiano of the hill, overlooking the Marecchia, where in 1300 a church was built, then expanded and dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

The main attractions

For tourists and occasional visitors, and Torriana Montebello offer testimonials Malatesta. In both centres, in fact, stand the ruins of castles and towers built during the domination of the family Rimini. At Torriana also need to see the church that contains valuable paintings by'700 Romagna. Restored in the'60s, the castle housed a restaurant and night club and its current amount, although redone for many volumes, reflects the original manor. Do not miss the appointment with the kitchen: inns and restaurants offer megho culinary tradition of hospitality. At Montebello, a helpful recovery operation of the small village and allowed to keep intact the structure of the country gathered at the foot of beautiful castle, now home to a renowned wine cellar. The only form of economy fraction: two restaurants. Initiates restoration of the church of Saiano, the shrine dedicated to Our Lady is a goal of undoubted interest to those who attended the valley Marecchia so dear to poet Tonino Guerra.