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San Clemente

san clemente

Number of residents : 2.461
Height sea : m 179
Distance from Riccione : km 15

The history of the municipality

The first news Castrum Sancti Clementis (name that seems derived from the name of Pope of the third Christian history dall'88 to 97) refer to distant 962, when Otto I, the Holy Roman Emperor, it was a fief of Auditors Carpegna. The thirteenth century record the gradual expansion of Malatesta who conquered, with acts of force and deception, land on the border between Romagna and the Marche also investing these quarters. The domain Malatesta lasted in San Clemente until after 1504 that in 1508 the state assigned to the Pontifical Municipality of Rimini. The following centuries were characterized by heated rivalry with the neighbouring villages of Saludecio Montefiore and for the control of trade along the valley.

san clemente

The places, things, meetings

The centre today has the appearance of a typical village of hill. Malatestiani Memories are still present and well incorporated into the urban fabric of San Clemente. Malatesta walls enclose a time as the heart of the historic centre, the complex said Castelleale (a few kilometres from the country), one of the few remaining examples of buildings in Rimini that is both large farm and walled villa built in 1388 by Loyal Malatesta, Bishop of Rimini. The partial destruction and the remaking of the centuries that followed have profoundly altered the original structure, however, the eye careful and expert reveals his clear medieval origin. Interesting is also the nineteenth Parish Church, designed by Luigi Poletti, a famous architect of the Pope, author of the Teatro Comunale di Rimini. Within a framework is preserved by Giovan Battista Costa, Rimini eighteenth interesting painter, depicting the Holy Family Finally we do not want to forget that in San Clemente was born in 1842 Justinian Villa dialect poet, singer with its Zirudèle of life, misery and the strong character of peasants Romagna. A lasting memory of this great character the town has dedicated a monument, created by contemporary sculptor Umberto Corsucci. Very then there's the whole countryside is interesting cross the countryside dotted with farmhouses and villages. Good agricultural production, the excellent wine that can boast a Sangiovese among the best of Rimini. The wine is a dedicated festival (May) where it holds a competition between the wineries and many local producers.