Bagni Oreste zona 115 Riccione Adriatico - Montecolombo -
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Number of residents : 1.395
Height sea : m 420
Distance from Riccione : km 28

The history of the municipality

The ancient site of Castrum Montis Colombi (from the Latin colombus, colombo) returned little to shed light on its ancient origins.Some of the Roman presence, which is indicated by oil lamps, jewelry and various exhibits. The first documents date back to 568, when Montecolombo was part of the Duchy of Rimini, and 962, when the center is referred to as a fiefdom by Ottone I. The age of German emperors (Barbarossa and Frederick Otto IV) is characterized by the passage of Montecolombo in the hands of various rulers: the nearby Montescudo, Rimini and the Church of Ravenna. Malatesta begin to determine the history of the fort starting in 1271, exercising a real domain directly. In 1504 was occupied by the Venetians, occurring for a short time to Malatesta. A few years after the Church resumed power on Romagna, for centuries it owns (the first donation of land Romagna papacy dates back to the conquest of the Franks, IX sec.), And among the possessions are also Montecolombo Castle. Pius VII posts in the centre from 1816 to Montescudo, recognizing its independence still preserved.

The main attractions

The village today, with its medieval features fingerprints, is a small hill country known for its fine wine and characteristic products such as terracotta craft. In the past the entire municipality was dotted with castles. At war and destruction to the stalk time survived, but only to Monte Colombo. Worthy of note are the castle walls that surround the village, the village gates and the old clock tower. In the old town is the Church of St. Martin with a beautiful painting by the late `700 represented the holy work of G. Soleri Brancaleoni. The preciousness of the landscape that makes the eye run across the hilly area of Romagna, sunny days during the summer heat arse, calls to make a stop at the sources of mineral waters, the well known therapeutic properties of S. Savino, few kilometres from Montecolombo. The summer events are also a great attraction for those who want to leave for a moment the exuberant atmosphere of the coast to find peace and serenity of the countryside. Among the most characteristic moments remind those kind of traditional food such as tripe Festival and Strozzaprete (July).